Do You recall the 60s? These were a time period of beach tunes, tie-dye, bell-bottoms, and muscle cars. Vintage sixties Pontiac cars were some from the greatest, baddest muscle cars on the market, with the GTO and Firebird in the mind from the list.

The Pontiac Bonneville

With the right car trader insurance classic cars could be sold to families and couples during the sixties. This classic from the vintage sixties Pontiac cars was among the greatest, also it was ideal for large families who desired to impress the neighbors. Obtainable in a convertible or hardtop, the engine packed 389 cubic inches offering 348 horsepower combined with Tri-Energy van insurance carburetion.

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The Catalina

May possibly not be the best from the vintage sixties vintage Pontiac cars, however the Catalina could pack a wallop. It had been a large boat of the vehicle having a 421-inch V-8 engine that may quickly accelerate to 95 mph within the 2 + 2 type of 1964-1967.

The Firebird

It was the Pontiac version from the sporty Chevrolet Camaro, and its low cost managed to get well-liked by youthful motorists. Created from 1967 through 1969, it offered both six and V-8 versions with as many as 250 horsepower.

The Grand Prix

It was certainly one of Pontiac's greatest models, also it lost sales within the sixties to a lot of of Pontiac's more compact, high-performance cars, such as the GTO.


Probably the most famous from the vintage sixties Pontiac cars, the GTO continues to be viewed as one of the greatest muscle cars from the sixties. It had been really more traders insurance under 25 compact than many from the other muscle cars, with a 421-cubic inch engine, its top speed was 130 mph. Still it maintains a feeling of energy and miracle today.

The Tempest

The Tempest was certainly one of Pontiac's first attempts in a compact vehicle, that have been just becoming popular in early sixties. It had been really in line with the ill-fated Chevrolet Corvair, the trunk engine air-cooled engine vehicle that grew to become certainly one of Chevy's worst cars in history. However, the Tempest had different styling along with a front-mounted engine, so its fate wasn't as harsh because the Corvair. The 4-cylinder engine was revolutionary because of its day, and was created simply by car maker John Z. DeLorean.

The Ventura

The Ventura was just created in 1960 and 1961, and then, it merged in to the Grand Prix line. It took it's origin from the Catalina body and frame, after 1961, the Ventura disappeared in to the sunset.